2 comments on “The Humble Artist: Thoughts on Humility

  1. I completely agree. There are just too many praise-whores among us. LOL Of course, this all comes from our complete and utter lack of self-confidence in our work. As we write, we think we are geniuses, then we post it and pray to God that someone-anyone gives us positive feedback. Until then, we bite our nails, poke our ulcer, and nearly burst into tears. We all need to calm the fuck down and be open to both praise and criticism from our fellow artists.

    • I like that, Danielle. Yes! Yes! We all love each other here. We all read each others work and tell each other when it’s good. Somehow, because this is the interwebs we go a little more openly nuts. Ha ha. But if I acted like that at this rehearsal that I’m in right now, I would drive everybody crazy. I sing my songs and play my scenes and sit down.

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