3 comments on “Preparing a song for Worship

  1. Your church is dying too? Bummer. Our will probably kick and twitch for a few more years, but there’s too many people too morbidly afraid of anything different to make it relevant to the community at large now.

    When I’m tagged to do a solo, I tend to pick things that try to shake them out of the rut they love so much (and I’m soooo sick of country gospel). Not even Skillet is off the table, and I got a pretty good response when I did “Jesus Freak” last summer. 😀

    • Jesus Freak, nice one! Actually, it’s not the church I’m a member of. My home church is one of the few Methodist church that’s actually growing around here. This is a little Presby church that had their building destroyed by a tornado, and frankly wasn’t doing all that well to begin with.

      I’m with you on the shakin’ . We’ve been doing a lot more upbeat stuff than their used to…and they’ve loved it. But last Sunday was the official announcement of closure. They need to mourn together as a congregation and they need to give it up to God this Sunday.

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